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Person: Tom Rice
Website: thefiltermaster.com
Contact Info: You can reach me by using the Contact Form
Affiliation: Amazon Affiliate Program

About TheFilterMaster.com

Tom Rice here, I created TheFilterMaster to give people a better product insight before they make that all important purchase.

I appreciate your landing on my introduction page. That means you liked my work, which I take seriously by the way. As a “hands on” person, I prefer to do all my maintenance works by myself. My family has always lived in the country so I know everything about the chores that come with a backyard pool or a garden pond.

The blog will be useful for all gardeners. It does not matter if you are just a beginner trying to build your first pool from scratch or if you are an experienced builder. I have tried and tested dozens of pond pumps, filters, pool pumps etc. I know all the best pond pumps out there helping you make the right choice.

What makes a good pond/pool pump review?

Here are the things you need to pay attention to:

· Every thorough review should include pros and cons. If the review is all good and positive I suggest you don’t take it seriously. Even the most quality products will have at least one negative thing about them.

· Don’t just buy a cat in the bag; you need to know all the data about the product as well as all the technical details and specifications.

Every time I had to buy new appliances and tools I was trying to find proper reviews and opinions online and every time I was smitten by the amount of sponsored reviews I had to deal with. I consider it my duty to find out everything and be able to help you pick out the best pond vacuum/pump/filter for your yard.

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