Best Drop Spreaders 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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While there’s nothing wrong with applying fertilizers and seeds with a shovel or your bare hands, it’s not an ideal or efficient way to work. Not only does it wastes time, but it’s also inefficient and crude.

The Best Drop Spreaders give you an opportunity to spread your gardening materials with ease in less than no time.

In this article, we will review the best products, take you through the buying guide to consider and also answer all your questions.


Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader review

Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader
Best Drop Spreader in Our Rating

  • No assembly required
  • Reliable wheels for movement on any surface
  • The optimal volume for any garden
  • Reliable springs

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Selecting the Best Drop Spreaders

  • Dimensions: 18 x 32 x 47 inches
  • Weight: 12.7 pounds
  • Brand: Scotts
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  • Dimensions: 18.11 x 10.68 x 12.4 inches
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Brand: Agri-Fab
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  • Dimensions: 47.2 x 20 x 16.2 inches
  • Weight: 68 pounds
  • Brand: Brinly
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  • Dimensions: 25 x 15 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Brand: Titan Attachments
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  • Dimensions: 35 x 20 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Brand: Lesco
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  • Dimensions: 24 x 28 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 31.2 pounds
  • Brand: Spyker
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  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 20.8 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 14.2 pounds
  • Brand: Earthway
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  • Dimensions: 26 x 36 x 36 inches
  • Weight: 42.6 pounds
  • Brand: Chapin International
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  • Dimensions: 44 x 34.4 x 45 inches
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Brand: SaltDogg
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  • Dimensions: 22 x 30 x 16.8 inches
  • Weight: 27.6 pounds
  • Brand: Sealey
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Top Products on the market

While we recognize that there are numerous good products on the market, only the best will do for you. Hence, we have taken our time to research the top products available on offer and now bring them to you. They include:

1. Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader -Most Efficient Drop Spreader

Scotts 76565 Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader

First on our list is the Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader. This popular brand can hold enough grass seed and fertilizer to cover up to 10,000 square feet of farmland. At the same time, the spreader is small enough to store in your garage or tool shed.

It features a heavy-duty frame which makes the spreader stable and nice. Also, it is durable and can last even longer when maintained properly. It is able to provide an even distribution of granulated items such as sands for winter or seeds for planting.

The size of the spreader (22-inch spread pattern) makes it ideal for medium-sized properties and areas where precise application and control are needed when applying seeds or fertilizers.

One of the major benefits of this machine is that it comes fully assembled and pre-calibrated hence you need not waste valuable time with the spreader as it’s ready for use once it gets to you.

  • It comes fully assembled, pre-calibrated and ready to use
  • It has a large capacity
  • It features a heavy-duty frame for stability
  • It is efficient and effective
  • It can only hold 32 lbs. per time
  • Its quality could be improved

2. Agri-Fab 45-0463 130 -Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader-Most Versatile Product

Agri-Fab 45-0463 Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

This spreader is ideal for homeowners with a large plot of land (an acre and above). The Agri-Fab solid rod has an activate on/off flow gate control that’s easy to operate from the tractor seat. It also features a concise setting adjustment, a rustproof poly hopper and an enclosed tapered glass which operates smoothly.

All these features work together to ensure the consistent spreading of seeds for years to come. This product although made in the United States has some of its parts imported from other countries. It comes with a three-year warranty and is available in Push and Tow models.

You can make the most utility and high performance of the spreader with its Hopper Covers, its material deflectors as well as its Hopper Grates. The hopper prevents the spillage of material which is often caused by rough terrain or wind and also keeps it dry.

Furthermore, the material deflects the spread width thereby effectively cutting down on waste while also keeping the material away from the planting bed, off-walks, driveway, and shrubbery. The hopper grate, on the other hand, prevents clumped up materials from blocking the flow control opening in order to ensure a more reliable spreading.

  • It is ideal for large scale use
  • It has a galvanized steel agitator to ensure durability
  • It is lightweight, versatile and sturdy
  • Features a three-year warranty
  • The gears need occasional greasing
  • Some parts are imported from other countries

3. Brinly AS-40BH Tow Behind Combination Aerator Spreader -Drop Spreader with a Large Capacity

Brinly AS-40BH Tow Behind Aerator Spreader

Brinly AS-40BH Tow Behind Combination Aerator Spreader features a dual-purpose tool, which makes it a good option for people in need of a machine to aerate lawns thereby helping them save a lot of time.

It is made of a durable heavy-duty hopper that is sturdy and able to hold materials that amount up to 120 lbs. Hence, you will not need to pause and refill as you would with a small spreader.

This aerator and spreader machine from Brinly comes with 8”galvanized tine spikes. Because of this, it’s not prone to rust, rather durable, strong and reliable and has the ability to dig about 2-inches into the soil in order to provide you with the aeration needed. It can then spread the lime, seeds, and fertilizers while at the same time aerating the soil.

The machine comes with adjustable flow control that allows users to have a precise spread pattern. This makes it more efficient and less wasteful. You will discover also that the machine has the ability to hook on your tractor or mower with ease before it gets started. It also features a two-year warranty.

  • It has a unique two-in-one design for aerating and dropping seeds/fertilizers
  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • Its galvanized tines inhibit rust
  • It is a heavy-duty machine capable of holding 120 lbs. material
  • Assembling is a bit complicated
  • It is more suitable for soft ground

4. Titan 50 LB. Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader -Most Durable Spreader

Titan Attachments Broadcast Spreader

Titan 50 LB. Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader is a walk-behind tool with a hopper of 50 lb. capacity. It is rugged, durable and easy to use. Its tires and axle are made of high-quality material and so are built to last.

This spreader has a three flow setting which enables you to determine the amount of spread needed after considering the area you are to use the spreader on.

Due to its size as well as the rugged and high-quality wheels, the spreader is suitable for all kinds of terrain no matter the time of the year. It can be used to go around roots, trees, and other obstacles found on the way.

This product comes with a cover for its hopper which assures you that materials won’t fly out of it while in use. You also will not have to worry about materials getting into the hopper while taking a break.

  • It is suitable for all terrains and weather
  • It is a durable lawn equipment
  • It has a large capacity
  • Its axle and tires are made of high-quality material
  • It’s a bit difficult to assemble
  • The tires are huge

5. Lesco 50 Lb. Push Spreader -Most Simple Design

Lesco 50 Lb. Push Spreader 092807

This is a simple but effective machine. It comes with a closeted gearbox which aids in ensuring that the dust and other debris do not disrupt the control of the work tool.

It has a carbon steel frame that is powder-coated therefore you can expect a high level of durability of the machine.

The hopper situated at the walk-behind spreader has a capacity of 50 lbs. It comes with sturdy tires that are able to work on rough terrains. Its spreading operations are always smooth no matter how rough the terrain may be.

However, it should be noted that the spreader does not come fully assembled therefore you will need to attach its wheels, handles and the on and off lever. The assembling isn’t so hard though and will not take up so much of your time, but you need to put in a little work to get it running.

  • It features a hopper cover to protect materials
  • It is simple and effective
  • It is rust-resistant and durable
  • The hopper has a large capacity
  • It does not come assembled

6. Spyker P20-5010 50-Pound Capacity Broadcast Spreader -Best Rust-Resistant Spreader

Spyker P20-5010 50-Pound Capacity Broadcast Spreader

Spyker P20-5010 50-Pound Capacity Broadcast Spreader has a powder-coated steel framework that adds to the general durability of the product.

The tires are wide, durable, secure and stable enough to work on any terrain and under any weather condition. The controls are really easy to use while the hopper has a capacity of up to 120 lbs.

This spreader is ideal for lots of differently sized properties. It has an adjustable height handle which makes it easy to switch to a more comfortable height at any time. It comes with enclosed aluminum gears that are rust-resistant and also durable.

Furthermore, it features a positive On/Off switch and includes a screen cover as well as deflection accessories. It is ideal for spreading sand and salt during wintertime so long as the granules aren’t too big to block the drop hole. This walk-behind spreader has a poly hopper with a 50-pound capacity. It is a heavy-duty, reliable and well-built spreader.

  • It has an adjustable height handle
  • Comes with an enclosed aluminum gear which makes it rust resistant
  • It is reliable and well-built
  • The tires are wide and durable
  • The lever could have a better design
  • The rear legs are too long

7. Earthway 2600APlus 40lb. Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader -Best Quality Product

EarthWay 2600APlus Walk-Behind Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader

This is an even spread three-hole drop shut-off system that ensures there is an even distribution and accurate application of seeds and fertilizers. Its drop rate can also be adjusted to accommodate narrower lawns. Most often, broadcast spreaders are faced with the problem of blocked chutes but this has been effectively avoided in this product because of the gearbox’s design.

It won’t get blocked even when it’s used in damp or wet conditions, this feature makes it easier to spread materials on the soil. Also, this walk-behind broadcast spreader, which has an epoxy powder coated diamond chassis and a steel T-bar handle, is really durable.

It has a wide set of tires and frames too which are needed for even distribution when such a heavy-duty machine is in operation. The tires will not go flat, hence it makes it easy to use it on an incline or over uneven turf.

It has a maximum capacity of 40lb/18kg with a rustproof poly hopper which features a low profile. It also comes with a Rate Calculation Matrix which is excellent at setting up granular products including organic materials.

  • It has a durable construction
  • It has an even spread and distribution of materials
  • It is fully enclosed and features a heavy-duty gearbox
  • Comes with modern features
  • It is not cheap

8. Chapin International Chapin 8620B 150 Pound Tow Behind Spreader -Most Heavy-Duty Spreader

Chapin 8620B 150 lb Tow Behind Spreader

This is a tow-behind spreader with a 150-pound capacity. It has an auto-stop dual impeller which stops the machine from spreading materials when it’s not in motion.

This is a useful feature as it ensures your materials such as fertilizers and seeds only go where you want them to. It also prevents you from reaching back to the levers and controls to prevent the seeds and fertilizers from spilling off the impeller.

It has an oil-impregnated bronze bearing which minimizes friction on the gearbox as well as the axle. It has an easy-to-set gate with 11 incremental adjustments setting to ensure accurate application of seeds and fertilizers. Also, it features a wide thread 14” pneumatic tire and a pallet quantity of eight.

Furthermore, it has a heavy-duty trailer hitch which is designed for professional and commercial use. It can throw your materials (seeds and fertilizers) as far as eight to twelve feet wide. Hence, it covers a large distance in a short time.

  • It is ideal for professional and commercial use
  • It is a heavy-duty spreader
  • It features an auto-stop dual impeller to stop spreading when not in motion
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It does not come fully assembled
  • It is not cheap

9. SaltDogg WB400 Professional 200 lb. Capacity Walk-Behind Drop Salt Spreader -Spreader With The Most Stable Tires

SaltDogg WB400 Walk Behind Drop Salt Spreader

This spreader is low to the ground, hence it ensures that applications are precise and hits the target. It is suitable for areas with sensitive terrain. Besides, it has a steel construction that is durable along with a poly hopper free from corrosion. This 2.5 cu. ft. poly hopper can hold up to 200 lb. of bagged salt or ice.

Furthermore, it features a solid linkage used to discharge adjustment as well as a metal screen to prevent materials from getting jammed.

There’s a plastic rain cover included to keep seeds, fertilizers, and other materials dry when they are stored and also large 13-inches pneumatic tires, which ensures stability.

The spreader is not only ideal for spreading salt and sand during winter but is also suitable for the spread of fertilizers and seeds on gardens and farmlands. It features a stainless steel agitator and a trough along with nylon bushing that keeps the material on the move while also breaking up any lumps in the material. It is backed by a one year warranty.

  • Ease of operation
  • It has a durable build
  • It has a steady operation and protected hopper
  • It is backed by a one year warranty
  • The flow control might be difficult to use
  • It is not cheap

10. Sealy SPB57T Broadcast Spreader -Most Unique Spreader

Sealey SPB57T Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

We conclude our list with the Sealy SPB57T Broadcast Spreader. The product which is made with a strong tubular steel frame along with polypropylene dispensing hopper can spread materials up to 3.6 meters wide.

It has a volume of 60 liters and features a pin hitch design that it attaches to the ride-on lawnmowers, converting it to a ball hitch with the use of the No. TB36 model.

The spreader comes with aluminum gear, a pneumatic tire, an adjustable feed system and also a rain cover. It also features a hopper screen which eases the spreader flow and also filters out contaminants.

We like that it has a 360o spray motion therefore it can cover a large area.  It is ideal for lots of horticultural agents some of which include seeds, salts, fertilizers, weed killers, grits and so on.

  • Ability to cover a large area of land
  • Has hopper screen for filtering out contaminants
  • It is durable
  • Suitable for horticultural agents
  • Not suitable for all terrains

How to Buy the Best Drop Spreaders

Since lots of drop spreaders are available in varying ranges, there is a need to take note of some pointers as they will help you make the best decision. These include:

Tool Capacity

This is a vital factor to consider when making a buying decision. Usually, the capacity of a spreader is measured in pounds. If a spreader has a capacity of 100 pounds, it means such a spreader can cover about 10,000 sq. ft. area.

Hence, if you own a medium-sized garden, then a spreader with a 100-pound capacity will be sufficient. It is also important to consider selecting a tow-behind spreader as against a push model. This is because the tow-behind drop spreaders are pulled by a utility vehicle thereby making them easy to use.

Rust Resistance

Since drop spreaders are usually used on wet grounds, it is important you get value for your money by purchasing a rustproof spreader. Whether a spreader is rust-resistant solely depends on the material used in making it. Hence, it’s more preferable to go for products that are made of galvanized steel as they are rustproof.


Aeration is important as it ensures fertilizers and seeds are deeply embedded into the soil. One of the other benefits of a tow-behind hopper is its ability to offer mileage thereby giving you the opportunity to fertilize a large portion of your lawn in the long run.

Yes, they tend to be more expensive but these types of spreaders are able to aerate the soil seamlessly thereby ensuring your garden is well cared for. Thus, it is essential to select an aerating spreader that comes with galvanized spikes as they help you perforate the soil making spreading materials on the ground more efficient.


Drop spreaders are more preferable because they give users great control. They give you the ability to determine where your seeds are dropping and regulate the quantity. Therefore, it’s important to select a drop spreader which has a wide range of selection knobs.

For higher coverage, set the hopper to three or four settings to enable it to disperse in the relevant place. Also, check the controls in the hopper to ensure it gives you control over the material being dispersed.


Tires are another feature that must be considered if you hope to make a good choice. Ensure the quality of the tires is high in order to work well even in rough terrains and during difficult weather conditions such as winter.

Look out for pneumatic and heavy-duty tires as they will enable you to move around more comfortably and will not get stuck on rough patches.

FAQs on Best Drop Spreaders

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What Can Drop Spreaders be used for?” answer-0=”They can be used for a number of things one of which is the spread of ice-melt and sand during winter. They can also be used to spread fertilizers and seeds on lawns, gardens, and farmlands.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What are the benefits of drop spreaders?” answer-1=”They are beneficial in many ways. One of the biggest benefits is that it helps to reduce the amount of time spent on maintaining the soil. It is also useful to landscapers, commercial property owners, and homeowners as well.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Are Drop spreaders the same thing as broadcast spreaders?” answer-2=”While they seem similar, they are not quite the same. Drop spreaders literally drop the material from the bottom of the spreader to the ground where you want it, thereby making it good at precision fertilization. Broadcast spreaders, on the other hand, are larger and spray rather than drop the materials. While spraying the materials, it does so in a horizontal manner, hence it’s able to cover a large area in less time.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]


Having established that the Best Drop Spreaders are what you need for easy spread of fertilizers, seeds and other materials, all that’s left for you is to select one out of the various options we have provided in this article. Whether it’s for commercial use or you need it for home, we’ve got you covered. Therefore, go ahead and make your choice, you will be glad you did.

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