Best Outdoor Faucet (Buying Guide)

The first thing to consider when looking for the best outdoor faucet is the type of faucet you need. To make your shopping easier, I’ve compiled a list of the top outdoor faucets you can get. And, with the help of a handy buying guide, you should be able to pick the best outdoor water faucet for your needs.

Outdoor Faucets

We used to regard outdoor faucets as any basic fixture, without the aesthetic appeal or character. And we’ve completely overlooked the convenience they provide. If you have a nice garden or want to do things outdoor, such faucets will suffice.

However, finding an outdoor faucet with a high level of efficiency is not a simple process. Doing so takes much study and patience. So, today, I’ll walk you out to the world of outdoor faucets.

My Top Picks for the Best Outdoor Faucet

In a hurry? Check out the best outdoor faucets on the market right now!

  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.45 x 2.85 inches
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Type and Material: Ball valve faucet, brass
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  • Dimensions: ‎12.75 x 3.5 x 3 inches
  • Weight: ‎1.65 pounds
  • Type and Material: Anti-siphon, brass
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  • Dimensions: 3.86 x 1.18 x 3.15 inches
  • Weight: ‎8.1 ounces
  • Type and Material: Hose bib, brass
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  • Dimensions: 13.65 x 2.28 x 3.17 inches
  • Weight: ‎1 pound
  • Type and Material: Frost-free, brass
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  • Dimensions: 2.63 x 2.38 x 4.12 inches
  • Weight: 10.9 ounces
  • Type and Material: Ball valve faucet, Copper
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What Is an Outdoor Faucet?

An outdoor faucet is, as you would guess, a faucet installed outside your house. Many houses have an outdoor faucet that’s connected to the exterior water flow. They are often used for watering plants, car washing, or cleaning gardening tools.

When shopping for outdoor faucets, you’ll likely encounter terms like hose bib, spigot, and water outlet — and they all represent the same thing. Such faucets supply water through a garden hose connected to the outlet opening. Outdoor faucets are affordable yet functional fixtures. And they are widely available.

Benefits of an Outdoor Water Faucet

The summer season is the best time to install an outdoor faucet. It’s the time where you spend a lot of time outside, and it’s great for filling inflatable kiddie pools. They’re also great for outdoor tasks and make things easier. Outdoor faucets may provide a slew of advantages that make your investment worthwhile. Aside from filling a kiddie pool, you can:

Use It To Water Your Garden

Outdoor faucets are a practical way to water your flower garden or lawn without having to use a sprinkler, which is prone to breaking and causing unforeseeable costs. You can use your outdoor faucet to save power and time. And since they are typically inexpensive, you’ll save money.

And beyond just watering the yard, it also comes in handy whenever you need a quick source of water. Especially when washing off the dirt in your hand from gardening.

Use It To Wash Your Automobile

If you own a lawnmower, an outdoor faucet will be useful. Outdoor faucets can also save your energy and time that would otherwise be spent using heavy containers to clean your mowers. They are also excellent for giving your car a quick bath.

Here Are the Best Outdoor Faucets

Outdoor faucets come in different types. And each serves different functions. Depending on your needs, you may pick from some of the best outdoor faucets I have featured here. And be ready for a significant improvement in gardening, car washing, and other outdoor chores.

American Valve M71QT – Best Overall

American Valve M71QT

Looking for the best outdoor faucet? Then the American Valve M71QT may be a wonderful choice. It’s among the most highly-rated fixtures designed to accomplish every outdoor chore. It’s a highly rated water solution intended to meet your outdoor water demands.

Made of durable brass material with a brass finish, this faucet makes a lovely upgrade from a typical outdoor faucet. Its finish also protects it from rust.  The valve has a 3/4 inch male iron pipe (MIP) port, which guarantees that there is no delay in the water flow.

The American Valve outdoor faucet swooped in and effectively put an end to the age of the conventional rotating valve handle. Unlike regular ones, which take numerous painstaking revolutions only to turn on and off, you can turn this modern valve to the side for your needs. Which makes it quick and simple to use.

And I imagine this feature will be useful if you’re looking for convenience as well as those of us with arthritis. If you’ve suffered from your old fixture by trying so hard to make those tight turns each time you need to it, this solution fully eliminates the difficulty.

You’ll love the O-ring seal on this outdoor faucet, which ensures that the valve won’t cause dipping problems. It is also simple to install since it has a large pattern that works with any water supply line.

• Durable construction
• Easy to install
• Prevents dipping
• Takes away the need to turn the handle
• Precise thread cuts
• On and off visibility
• Tightening the valve can get a bit difficult

Prier P-164D12 – Best Value

Prier P-164D12

Are you on the hunt for something that boasts excellence and reliable performance? Then the  Prier P-164D12 might be another great option. And not only can you use it outdoors, but its design is also ideal for use in the bathroom.

The exterior iron pipe size body of the Pier outdoor faucet is crafted from pure brass. Which is an ideal material for durability. It also has an integrated 4-degree angle that serves for optimal drainage.

This faucet’s in-built drainage pitch features a large integrated brass with five hose pipe threads that offer a strong and sturdy hose water connection. It includes an anti-siphon vacuum breaker and a backwater valve to keep the faucet from freezing or cracking.

What I like about this model is how easy it is to install. You can either install it against a wall or near the end of your garden hose. Using this faucet in both warm and cold conditions is also very simple. It retains its strength, providing exceptional and consistent performance.

Overall, this outdoor faucet could make it easier for you to manage all your farms and gardens. And since washing your household items and automobiles is such an easy task, this model qualifies as the best outdoor faucet.

• Simple and easy to install
• Large handle for easy use
• Easily twistable
• Provides an exceptional performance
• Comes in a nice, compact size
• The design makes it vulnerable to minor damage

American Valve M71HD – Best for Heavy-duty Use

American Valve M71HD

The American Valve M71HD could be another reliable for heavy-duty outdoor tasks. Crafted from durable brass, this outdoor faucet is rather hefty and ensures durability and resilience to breaking. It’s a frost-proof hose bib that is fantastic since it guarantees that water enters and exits at the same pace.

What I appreciate about this hose bib faucet is that it has threaded ends that guarantee it is securely fastened to the joints. And, as with any excellent valve, you can control the water flow. The water pressure varies from low to high depending on your preferences.

Out of all the good things about this faucet, I think the best one is that you won’t have to go through the hassle of having to replace the valve every so often. It’s really simple to install and saves time.

One thing to keep in mind is that this model does not have a quarter-turn mechanism. Which indicates that you must spin the valve to regulate the water flow. So, if you want the convenience of a valve with a 90-degree turn, this might not be an ideal fixture for you.

• Highly durable
• No leaks
• Allows easy water flow control
• Maintains maximum flow
• Tricky when it comes to making quick adjustments
• Impractical rotational valve
• Might contain lead; unsafe for human consumption

SharkBite 24628LF – Best Premium

SharkBite 24628LF

Well-known for its resilience in cold weather, the SharkBite 24628LF is impervious to breaking in cold temperatures, ensuring that you get through the winter without having to change the valve during winter.

In this case, the multi-turn shut-off valve is a fair compromise since it enables the protection of contaminated water backflow. Plus, it keeps the brass intact in freezing conditions.

The brand excels in keeping plumbing as simple as possible. So, if you enjoy DIY, this could be a preferable option. With straightforward installation, you need only a few pipe manipulation with the pipes and tools.

But there are a few things to keep in mind. You shouldn’t tighten the handle more than required. This is to avoid compressing the rubber washer inside the valve. To avoid damaging the internal o-ring seal, you should detach the burrs from the pipe with great care. And if you find it hard to make the turns, lay a towel on the handle.

It also doesn’t have a quarter-turn valve. Some users had to turn the water flow on and off three times. Its knob is narrow and might scratch your hand as you twist it.

• Easy and sweat-free installation
• Withstands freezing temperatures
• Can control the water flow
• Needs extra tools for installation
• Does not come with a quarter-turn mechanism

SharkBite 24623LF – Best for Easy Installation

SharkBite 24623LF

Speaking of easy installation, the SharkBite 24623LF could also be a great choice for both novice and seasoned plumbers. This model is quite easy to install without the need for specialized tools. If you want something of high quality without spending time and effort installing pipes, this outdoor faucet could be a nice choice.

This Sharkbite garden valve eliminates the necessity for copper soldering as well. Without welding, you could simply screw on the valve. Some users couldn’t believe how convenient this model is, and how they didn’t even experience any leaks.

There are a few things to keep in mind with this fixture. It does not include any screws. So, having your own screws on hand would be great.  It also takes many twists for the valve to fully open.

The handle design is also inconvenient. It has four sharks that aren’t really useful other than to be visually appealing and detract from the simplicity of operation.

• Easy to install
• Requires no pipe adjustments
• Thick enough to endure pressure
• Doesn’t come with screws
• Impractical multi-turn handle

Few Things To Consider in Choosing the Best Outdoor Faucet

Finding the best outdoor faucet can be tricky, especially if you’re a novice. You must consider some features. A good outdoor faucet should be durable, easy to install, and best of all, serve your needs. Below are a few things you must consider when buying an outdoor faucet.


The importance of quality cannot be overstated. Make sure you’re getting an outdoor faucet that’s sturdy, rust-resistant, and of excellent quality. The best outdoor faucet should be made of high-quality materials to serve you for the longest time possible.

You must also look into an outdoor faucet that’s made of brass as the main material. Brass is very corrosion-resistant, making it the ideal material for outdoor faucets.

Steel faucets are more susceptible to corrosion. It will have you go through the inconvenience of changing the bib periodically. Since rust affects their durability and longevity.

Look into the faucet’s handle, too. It should be made of high-quality materials. A good material selection should provide strength and durability to withstand everyday use.

Freeze Resistance

Although there are several freeze-resistant hose bib options marketed, they don’t always deliver what they promise. It’s really essential to learn which outdoor faucet best suits your environment.

The outdoor faucet’s body may break in the winter if it’s too thin. So, before you buy an outdoor faucet, you need to make sure it’s thick enough to withstand extreme temperatures.

Ease of Installation

The best outdoor faucet should have a simple installation procedure. Installing it and connecting the faucet’s components should be a separate process.

And if it gets faulty, you should have little trouble identifying an issue. It should be easy to find spare parts when you need them. And even without the help of a plumber, you should be able to easily replace the broken pieces.


The performance quality of an outdoor faucet will depend on your intended application. For a big garden, a heavy-duty one should be able to maintain consistent pressure across long distances and discharges lots of water simultaneously.

Unless you’re a regular user looking for one to wash your car, a heavy-duty outdoor faucet isn’t unnecessary. To keep your water pipes from breaking or freezing in extremely cold weather, choose one with an anti-siphon. As well as a built-in vacuum roller and frostless sillcock pipes.

But whatever your choice is, you would want to choose an efficient faucet. The best outdoor faucet should allow you to use it for all outdoor tasks you intend to do.

Promotes Water Conservation

The water-conserving function is essential in choosing an outdoor water faucet. Since they are built to conserve water, the outdoor faucet should help lessen or minimize the water being used.


When it comes to outdoor faucets, price is an important consideration. An outdoor faucet with a higher price tag provides more helpful features. But don’t worry, you’ll also find some of the cheapest outdoor faucets that are of high quality. And with convenient features that make the outdoor tasks a breeze.

What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Faucets?

Outdoor faucets are available in a variety of styles to meet your various outdoor demands. Have a look at a few of the many varieties of outdoor faucets you can get.

Outdoor Spigot

Also called a traditional compression valve, an outdoor spigot is a popular type of outdoor faucet that you can use for a range of applications. It has either brass or stainless steel construction, both of which are quite durable. It’s also easy to repair in case of leaks.

With a spigot’s simple handle, you can effortlessly control the flow of water. You’ll be able to open the flow of water in a  single turn, whereas a turn in the other direction closes it.

Frost-Free Outdoor Faucet

A frost-free and frost-proof outdoor faucet are popular in colder climates. Especially in places where temperatures often fall below freezing point. These are ideal for the winter season since standard outdoor water faucets do not function well under these settings.

With a frost-free hose bib, you can have your water connection further within your house. It’s where the air is warmer, keeping the water from reaching freezing point. Frost-free hose bib faucets also have a metal tube. Which prevents water from freezing and protects the water valves. It could also keep your faucet from breaking during harsh winter.


Anti-siphon delivers important services to specific outdoor spots where the spout is hooked up to a decent water supply. It regulates the pressure within the pipes. And this prevents water from backing up. When you mount in an outdoor faucet, it also enables residual water to drain.

Yard Hydrants

Yard hydrants are often used in big outdoor spaces where a considerable volume of water is required. They connect to the buried water supply pipe from your well. How you do it is you implant the hydrant into the ground, and the riser pipe connects the water pipe to your outdoor faucet.

Ball Valve Faucet

Ball valves employ a shocker in the valve chamber. This shocker has one hole that allows water to pass through. When you shop for this type of outdoor faucet, you’ll come across either a brass ball or a stainless steel ball. When you need to quickly switch the water on and off, a ball valve comes in handy.

But keep in mind that you might find controlling the water flow tricky with this one.

What Is Sillcock?

A Sillcock is also referred to as a hose bib. It is a wall-mounted outdoor faucet connected to the exterior of a house. Its principal function is to guarantee that you do your outdoor tasks efficiently. It makes working in the yard and washing your automobile much easier. What’s fascinating about a sillcock is that it is designed in such a way that you can rapidly link your taps.

What Is Hose Bib?

Hose bibs or hose bibbs are just little faucets that are installed on the exterior of your home. You’ll find hose bibs in many households. Many use this faucet to fill a watering container or bucket. There’s also a  threaded pipe on the hose bib that allows you to connect a hose reel to water your garden.

How To Prepare Your Outdoor Faucets for the Winter Seasons:

Preparing your outdoor faucet for the winter is essential. It saves you from the headaches of having to replace a broken outdoor faucet. And the best way to avoid such stress is to maintain your faucet and the pipes that link it to your water source.

In preparation for the winter, you can shut off the water source that supplies your outdoor faucet. You can do this by operating the shut-off valve in your home. Doing so will guarantee that the pipes and faucet are completely dry, with no residual water left in the pipes and faucet. Since any water can freeze and expand inside, breaking your faucet.

Another thing you can do is to get an insulating cover to place over your faucet in the winter. This will protect it from freezing temperatures.

Best Outdoor Faucet FAQs

Is it better to drip or cover outdoor faucets?

In most cases, you can use a faucet cover as insulation. A frost-free spigot faucet should be guarded. While they are resilient to freezing, they are not totally frost-proof in extreme temperatures.

What is the difference between a faucet and a spigot?

Faucet is the most often used term in the United States, comparable to “tap” in British English, although the latter is also used in the US. Spigot is a term used by craftsmen like plumbers. They use the term to describe an outdoor fixture.

What is the cap on top of an outdoor faucet?

The vacuum cap is round and roughly an inch in diameter, but it either slides or rivets onto the faucet’s tip. A vacuum breaker or anti-siphon valve is the device beneath it.

Should outside faucets be left open or closed in winter?

Insulation prevents cold air from penetrating the walls. You must close any shut-off valves on your outdoor faucets.

Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor faucets?

Outdoor faucets provide comparable performance to indoor faucets. But they do not function in the same fashion.

Since you will not need hot water outside, faucets that deliver water for outdoor activities generally have a simplified design than those used inside. They have the same role of supplying water. But they have different purposes.

What is the standard outdoor faucet size?

An outside faucet can be 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch. These two sizes are often the most typical diameters of water pipes. The measurements are for the diameter of the pipe. A 1/2 inch faucet water pipe can have higher water pressure than a 3/4 inch counterpart. Remember this while deciding on size.

Why do anti-siphon valves leak?

When your anti-siphon valve leaks, it might be due to dirt getting inside the valve. And keeping the poppet from fully sitting when you turn the water on. When you turn on your faucet, either condition causes water pressure to shoot out of the valve.

Will outside faucets freeze?

It is vital to dry the outside faucet. This is because the lingering water between the interior shut-off valve and the outdoor faucet can freeze and ruin both of them. And the air gap created inside the small piece of the pipe allows the remaining water to expand if the outdoor faucet freezes.

How do you keep outside faucets from freezing?

You can use an insulated slip-on cover to protect your outdoor faucet. This way, any residual water will not freeze. You should also wrap the exterior pipes’ insulation tubing. And never use bath towels or newspaper to cover your pipes.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to your gardening and other outdoor needs, installing an outdoor faucet might be one of the best investments you’ll make. It’s convenient, cost-effective, and many of these faucets are easy to install.

I hope you find this buying guide valuable in your search for the ideal outdoor faucet. And make sure to check on the latest prices and deals on the products I’ve recommended above. Good luck!

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