About the FilterMaster

I’m Tom and I’ve been working on developing my lot in the country for years now – and I have to say I’ve learned a lot. I have a solid background in engineering, but honestly have probably learned the most from doing hands on projects.

At my place I have:
– installed irrigation systems for my lawn and garden
– planted my own grass (using sod, and using seed)
– repaired my pool pumps and water filters
– even installed trenches with French drains (with a little help from my trusty Kubota tractor).

I’m constantly surprised at how fragmented the information is on several of the projects and tools I’ve researched.  So over the past couple years, I’ve tried to capture things I’ve researched and learned and share it with you here.

My partner Jessica has been gardening for many years, and she has also taught me a lot and occasionally chimes in on the tougher gardening topics!

I really hope this blog will be useful for anyone trying to improve their home, lawn, or garden and can save you some of the time and research I’ve done on my own.

– Tom

Our editors

Portrait in garden

Tom R.
(Homeowner, healthy air and water enthusiast)

Jessica portrait

Jessica R.
(Partner in crime)