How to Attract Mosquitoes and Kill Them

If you want to get rid of the mosquitoes in your house, it is essential to know how to attract them first. Continue reading this article to learn exactly how to attract mosquitoes to kill them.

When I see a mosquito in the house, I feel instantly alert. I want to kill the mosquito ASAP before they can suck the blood out of my veins! We all know that besides being extremely annoying and itchy, mosquito bites can carry viruses, which lead to diseases like the Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria. However, these obnoxious bugs (mosquitoes or mosquitos) often move surprisingly fast and are difficult to locate.

Fortunately, there are several effective strategies to attract and kill mosquitoes by luring them out of hiding. I will discuss each factor below so you have an idea of how it works.

I will also touch on some facts you might not know about mosquitoes. Hopefully, this section will shed light on why it is important to locate mosquitoes and kill them as soon as possible, so you can sleep soundly tonight.

Common Things That Attract Mosquitos

Believe it or not, it is relatively easy to attract mosquitoes. Below are the things that can bring the mosquitoes out of hiding.

  1. Sweat

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes are always present in areas with higher humidity levels? Well, similar to other living beings, mosquitoes need water to survive and reproduce. Thus, it is no surprise if mosquitoes also love sweat.

  1. Dark Clothing

Mosquitoes use their vision to find their host. They are usually attracted to dark colors, such as black, navy, and blue. So if you wear any of these colors, you are at a higher risk of luring them out of their hiding place.

  1. Perfume and Scented Lotions

Floral scents from perfumes and lotions can also attract mosquitoes. Thus, applying these products can get them out of their hiding place.

  1. Body Temperature

Besides dark clothing and your scent, mosquitoes also find your body warmth attractive. They can actually sense your body heat from a few yards away. The higher your temperature, the more likely the mosquitoes will locate you.

  1. Blood Type

Blood type is another factor that can attract mosquitoes to a certain group of people. In fact, a study shows that mosquitoes are more likely to bite individuals with type O blood, even in a controlled environment.

  1. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol causes your skin to secrete a certain chemical that mosquitoes like. And since alcoholic beverages can increase your body temperature, it is no doubt a huge mosquito attractor.

  1. People Who Eat A Lot of Potassium and Salt

When you eat foods rich in lactic acid, potassium, and salt, you are more likely to attract mosquitoes. So if you wish to avoid them, it is best to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

  1. Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can also attract more mosquitoes than the average woman. That is because pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide. They also have more blood circulating through their bodies as well as higher body temperatures.

How to Lure A Mosquito Out Of Hiding

Now that you know what attracts mosquitoes, it is time to find out how you can lure them out. Below are several effective strategies to locate mosquitoes in hiding.

1. Try a Mosquito Magnet

DynaTrap XL Insect Trap,

One of the most effective ways to lure a mosquito is to invest in a mosquito magnet.

As its name suggests, this device can attract mosquitoes typically by using UV bulbs and water. Some models, specifically the DynaTrap XL Insect Trap, also feature a powerful, whisper-quiet fan. This item can suck in insects and kill them without buzzing or zapping.

So if you want a two-in-one mosquito solution, consider buying this device.

Just make sure to buy products with scents that can lure mosquitoes out of their hiding place. And avoid odors that can actually repel them, such as citronella, eucalyptus, garlic, lavender, and peppermint. These scents offer temporary relief from mosquitoes, but they cannot completely get rid of these pests from your home.

2. Use Yeast to Attract Mosquitoes

Since mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide (CO2), it makes sense to use yeast to lure them out of hiding.

You can make a mosquito trap with yeast to deal with these insects effectively. Do not forget to add hot water and ¼ cup of sugar to an empty plastic bottle. Wait until there are enough insects in the bottle, then you can choose any method to kill them. 

3. Try the Beer Trap

(DIY) Beer Trap

Aside from a yeast trap, you can also make a do-it-yourself (DIY) beer trap to attract mosquitoes.

All you need is a half can of beer, an empty soda bottle where you can pour the beer, a tape, and a pair of scissors.

First, cut the bottle in half, and flip the top upside down. Then, tape it shut to prevent the mosquito from escaping. Lastly, pour the beer into the bottle and place the trap in an area where you think the mosquitoes are. Once done, wait until the insects come near the bottle and watch them get drunk and get killed.

4. Display Flowers in the Room

Bouquet of Flowers

Another way to attract mosquitoes is to display a lovely bouquet of flowers in the room.

You can strategically place it in an area where you think mosquitoes are hiding. Then sit back and watch as they make their way to the flower and feed on its nectar. They also love the smell of flowers.

Do note that it can take a while for the mosquitoes to come out of their hiding place. But once you see them flying around the bouquet, you can immediately use the zapper to kill them.

5. Spray Scented Perfume

Pacifica Perfume

As you probably already know, mosquitoes are attracted to fragrances. So you can try spraying some perfume or applying scented lotion to your skin.

However, do not expect to trap hundreds of mosquitoes. This DIY beer trap can only catch several insects at a time. 

6. Eat Salty and Sweet Food

Salty and Sweet Food

If you do not follow a strict diet, you can also try eating more salty and sweet food. That is because mosquitoes are attracted to substances such as potassium, salt, and lactic acid. So it might be worth it to switch to a diet rich in these ingredients. These include soup, sweets, crispy snacks, and even avocado and banana, which contain potassium.

Do note, though, that you are the main target or center of attention of the insects. It is best to get the zapper ready, so you can kill the mosquitoes before they even bite and potentially harm you.

7. Keep Your Body Warm

Since insects are attracted to higher temperatures, you can take a quick shower using very hot water. Doing so can make your body stand out from the rest.

Other ways to increase your body temperature are to sit by the fireplace, snuggle up to your loved one, or stay cozy under a warm blanket. But no matter which way you choose, you can get those mosquitoes flying over to you, especially at night. 

8. Go Exercise


You can also go exercise to attract mosquitos. Try lifting weights, jogging, yoga, or any other form of workout. Doing so can increase your body temperature, sweat, and even breathing, which mosquitoes find irresistible. Just make sure to prepare your insects zapper or any killing device when the mosquitos come flying towards you.

9. Increase Carbon Dioxide in the Room

As previously discussed, mosquitoes are attracted to your breath, which contains carbon dioxide (CO2). So in theory it could help to increase the amount of CO2 in the room if you wish to lure these insects out of their hiding place. However, I don’t really suggest this – just keep in mind that mosquitos are attracted to your breath.

What You May Not Know About Mosquitoes

It is not enough to learn about what attracts mosquitoes and what can repel them. You may also want to get to know some facts about them, so you can understand them better.

First, there are over 3,000 different species of mosquitoes throughout the world. And each one has a unique feeding habit. In fact, some species are not attracted to blood at all. Others also feed during the day, while a few are active in the evening.

Second, female mosquitoes are the only ones who bite humans because they need the nutrients in your blood to lay eggs. Male mosquitoes and female mosquitoes that are not laying eggs simply feed on nectar.

Third, mosquitoes can detect traces of carbon dioxide from 75 feet away. So now you know why they can instantly find you even in the dark.

Finally, if you want to repel bugs around your yard, you can grow marigolds. This plant produces a fragrance that insects do not like. If all of this doesn’t work and you have a persistent mosquito problem in your yard, check out our review of the Best Mosquito Foggers.


There you have it—my top tips on how to attract mosquitoes and kill them.

Mosquitoes find a lot of things irresistible. These include your breath, sweat, floral scents, and alcohol, among a few other things. So if you wish to lure them out, start with any of the methods above.