Best Artificial Grass: Buyer’s Guide

Today there are many regions that suffer from drought. If you live somewhere like this, you know that real grass can be costly and tedious to maintain.

If water is sparse, chances are high that your grass will die. And if it doesn’t, pre-seasonal browning will show in patches. All of this can be avoided with artificial grass.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Artificial Grasses

Artificial grass technology has come a long way!  This is no longer the low-quality kind that you may have seen in some hardware stores. Today there are options that are thicker, drain well, and can even be used with pets to undergo potty training.

Below are ten of the best artificial grass products based on our extensive research. Keep reading to check out which  products would look best in your yard or porch, and check out the handy Buyer’s Guide to learn about a few factors that went into our recommendations.

Selecting the Best Artificial Grass

  • Dimensions: 78 x 111 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 11.1 pounds
  • Brand: Ottomanson
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  • Dimensions: 72 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Brand: GOLDEN MOON
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  • Dimensions: 80 x 8.5 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Brand: LITA
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  • Dimensions: 141 x 96 x 0.2 inches
  • Weight: 13.65 pounds
  • Brand: iCustomRug
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  • Dimensions: 36 x 60 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 7.93 pounds
  • Brand: GOLDEN MOON
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  • Dimensions: 36 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Brand: MTBRO
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  • Dimensions: 23 x 22 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 7.94 pounds
  • Brand: RoundLove
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  • Dimensions: 40 x 24 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 4.78 pounds
  • Brand: Zen Garden
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  • Dimensions: 60 x 36 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 8.94 pounds
  • Brand: Zen Garden
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  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 87 inches
  • Weight: 49 pounds
  • Brand: Forest Grass
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1. Ottomanson Evergreen Collection Indoor/Outdoor : Best Artificial Grass For Pets (Editor’s Choice)

Ottomanson Evergreen Collection Indoor-Outdoor

The Ottomason Evergreen Collection can be used both indoors and outdoors, as the name suggests. It’s great for dogs especially, and they will likely gravitate towards it the moment you’re done setting it down.

You also won’t notice any curves when you lay it down flat, so stapling is easy to do if you’re concerned about the wind.

Grasses are nicely cut but level, giving off the appearance of an almost photorealistic look that’s comparable to the real thing.

You might have to rake it from time to time though, more so if lots of people (and pets) will walk over it. But overall, Ottomanson is a stellar product that will look perfect in any yard.

  • Comfortable enough for pets to use
  • Produces a flattened shape as soon as taken out of the packaging
  • The grass marks are even and show no signs of discoloration
  • Packaging isn’t very secure and has the potential to arrive with minor warp damage
  • The grass becomes uneven if something heavy is dragged upon it, making the individual stems lie flat

2. GOLDEN MOON Outdoor Turf Rug Premium Artificial : Best Artificial Grass For Dry Regions (People’s Choice)

GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass

The Golden Moon Outdoor Turf Rug is the ideal choice for anyone that lives in a muddy area. No longer will you trail dirt into your home if you place it next to the front door. But outdoors is where it really shines.

You won’t notice much of a difference between real grass. That’s because there are parts that are a little browner, but not by much.

The result makes it match the earthy tone that you would see on ordinary grass that hasn’t been treated to appear completely green.

The Golden Moon Outdoor Turf Rug should suffice for those that want a natural look but not too bright.

  • Traps and absorbs mud very well, especially with pets
  • Blends well with natural grass
  • The grass blades will raise by themselves; no raking required
  • When the sun shines directly over the grass, it produces a slight metallic smell
  • People with bright green grass (real) may find that the color of the product appears too autumn-like
  • The hue on two of the same products could be darker or brighter than the other

3. LITA Premium Artificial Grass : Best Odorless Artificial Grass

LITA Premium Artificial Grass

The Lita Premium Artificial Grass has many aspects that are hard to find in their competitors.

For example, if you leave it out in the sun on the first day, no odd smells will come from the mat.

This is beneficial to dogs the most since the chemical odor tends to be the reason that drives them away from similar products.

And the feel is nice, easy to wash off, and maintains good coloring over a long timeframe.

  • No chemical smells come from the grass, even in warm weather
  • The texture makes it easy to scoop up litter from dogs and cats
  • Looks nearly identical to ordinary grass, particularly when broken in
  • One roll won’t have the same consistency and pattern as another from the same brand
  • The tips of the grass may separate overtime
  • The squares aren’t as thick as they appear on photos

4. CustomRug Indoor/Outdoor Turf Rugs and Runners in Green : Best Artificial Grass For Mat Strength

iCustomRug Indoor Outdoor Turf Rug

The iCustomRug is another home or yard turf that puts emphasis on the quality of the black mat underneath.

It’s easy to cut and keeps a nice shape that’ll slice smoothly without ridges and crooked spaces.

This makes it easy to get into really sharp and/or small corners without having to fold anything. You can wash it, too. Just hang and hose it off, keeping it draped until completely dry.

There might be some frustration when trying to get it level for the first time, but staples should fix that if you have them.

  • Cuts easily and without ridges when applying near corners
  • Water doesn’t rest on top of the grass or form puddles; drains to the bottom and dries fast
  • Hides dust and debris but washes off easily by hosing
  • Safe to use with a vacuum
  • Difficult to get it to lie flat; the roll from the package is stiff
  • Wrinkles will show in the first few weeks that the grass is put down
  • The dimensions are a little thin, so the grass may break if used in heavily travelled areas

5. GOLDEN MOON Realistic Artificial Grass Mat 5-Tone : Best Artificial Grass For Texture

GOLDEN MOON Realistic Grass

This Golden Moon product, the Realistic Artificial Grass, offers great texture and hues. It feels comfortable, although dogs might be able to tell it from organic grass by sight alone.

When you’re ready to unroll it, the pieces open without much effort and won’t curve back up.

It’s suggested for indoor use first, or small areas outside where your pets must relieve themselves.

Furthermore, the grasses aren’t very tall and could become flattened without regular raking and cleaning. But give it a try if you’re not looking for anything that would take up a good portion of your yard or floor.

  • No matter how many are acquired, each piece looks the same texture and color wise
  • Not stiff; straightens out and doesn’t show curves
  • The base is soft enough to be cut with scissors, if needed
  • Although the product claims that the grass is about an inch in length, most blades are a few millimeters shorter
  • Smells strong when initially used
  • Can be easily spotted as fake grass

6. MTBRO Artificial Grass, Perfect Outdoor Grass : Best Artificial Grass For Fast Drying

MTBRO Artificial Grass

The MTBRO Artificial Grass’ major advantage is the way it washes off so easily. A quick hose down will eliminate all the gunk and grime to the point of looking like new again after every cleaning.

As for your pets using it, they will probably know what to do as soon as you put the mat in front of your yard.

Just be careful to thoroughly clean the area that you’re going to set it in before any yard project begins. Weeds will quickly grow through the material, which could warp the mat from the bottom.

In any case, consider the MTBRO if your lawn has been manicured professionally; the color will really highlight other ornaments and mulch.

  • The size makes it easy to carry and wash off, either indoor or outdoor
  • Works well for training pets to relieve themselves on
  • Highlights mulch to the same degree as normal grass
  • If used outside, weeds may come up through the grass and damage the material when picked up
  • May have a moldy smell after washing, unless it’s given time to dry out completely
  • Packaging is sticky and may pull off some of the grass once it’s opened

7. RoundLove Artificial Turf Lawn Fake Grass Indoor Outdoor : Best Artificial Grass For Wet Climates

RoundLove Artificial Turf Lawn

The RoundLove Artificial Turf would do well in places that do receive lots of rainfall. The grass and mat evaporate water which percolates through the holes at the bottom, leaving no instances of puddles forming underneath the material.

Walking on it feels a lot like normal grass that doesn’t sink too deep into the bottom.

The biggest drawback is thinning portions located near the edges of the squares, which will allow you to see the mat when under sunlight.

And try to find staples to put in the turf if you can, because it will certainly blow away if nothing’s holding it in place. Still, it’s worth giving the RoundLove a try if you need a material that won’t allow liquids to sit dormant for too long.

  • When stapled, everything will hold in place and not loosen too fast
  • Fast drying time, shouldn’t be wet for too long
  • Isn’t harsh on the feet, and has an almost ergonomic feel that goes back flat again, regardless of heavy foot traffic
  • If nothing is placed on top or the grass isn’t stapled into place, it may move or blow away with a moderate gust of wind
  • the base will detach from the grass if pulled even slightly
  • Towards the center of the mat, the grass becomes thinner and the black mat can be seen

8. Zen Garden PZG Premium Artificial Grass Patch : Best Artificial Grass For Dark Lawns

Zen Garden PZG Premium Artificial Grass

The Zen Garden PZG Premium Patch has been built to look the same in the brightest sunlight. If you’re in the region that’s arid or experiencing a long drought, fading can happen to low-quality artificial turf. That’s not the case here.

Put it down, and nothing will fade, even if you don’t change it out after the spring and summer months.

The mat is probably to most durable out of all the products shown thus far, but the same cannot be said about the grass.

There’s not much of a difference in color, so the turf will really look odd if you place it on a lawn with varied shades.

  • The colors don’t fade or wash out; great for regions with lots of sun
  • Water goes through the mat immediately but drains properly in place on an incline
  • Cuts easier when exposed to direct sunlight
  • The color is mostly the same, not too varied
  • The back is quite firm and will not secure or cut well until laid flat
  • Dogs and cats that are curious can dig or chew into the grass and shorten its lifetime

9. PZG Premium Deluxe Artificial Grass Patch : Best Artificial Grass For Appearance

PZG Premium Deluxe Artificial Grass

Another PZG product, this Premium Deluxe Patch is all about realism. Your dogs will think it’s real grass and so will visitors to your home.

That’s because the grasses are thick, so you won’t be able to see any of the lower portions of the turf.

The drainage holes placed at the base have decent sized holes but aren’t large enough to aid in weeds growing through them.

It looks great almost anywhere, so put it high on your list if you’re okay with performing regular upkeep on it to prevent mold growth.

  • Realistic enough to attract most pets to it for urination
  • The material is very thick, but will rid itself of all soil and debris once washed
  • Mold will show up fast unless washed periodically
  • Lots of shedding that will leave bits of fake grass over the floor, if placed on a flat surface
  • Drainage holes line the mesh shaped bottom and pass water when it hits immediately

10. Forest Grass Artificial Grass Artificial Lawn : Best Artificial Grass For Easy Preparation

Forest Grass Artificial Carpet Fake Grass

The Forest Grass Artificial Lawn, once unrolled, will conform to the surface of your floor or soil without bending or leaving folds in the shape.

If you have dogs that like to kick up the grass when they’re finished making a potty break, this is the turf for you.

However, getting it to drain out is a long process and will definitely show puddles anywhere where there’s a lot of rain.

Dry locations will work best, although after washing it dries at the same pace as most of the others evaluated previously.

  • Difficult to discern what’s real when placed next to organic turf
  • The corners don’t curve upward
  • No loose grass blades on the top; won’t pluck off when brushed or raked gently
  • Drains very slow and may leave puddles of water after a heavy rainstorm

Best Artificial Grass – Buyer’s Guide

Artificial grass may seem like an easy buy, but it definitely not once you add in the context of your yard and preferences. There are a few things to keep in mind before making your decision, so use the following info to narrow down your choices.

What’s the Weather Like?

Artificial turf has a bottom that consists of synthetic materials. The grass is fastened upon it, giving off the illusion of appearing like the real thing. A good quality turf will be difficult for you to notice from a distance, and can really brighten up a small yard or porch. That’s why they have become so popular in places that experience droughts on a regular basis.

California and the Pacific Northwest states come to mind. Try them if you’re having problems keeping up with the maintenance of your normal grass. You might even like it enough to let it stay on your entire lawn.

Using Artificial Grass for Pets

Pets know what grass means, and will quickly run to when it’s time for them to use the “bathroom.” But the advantage to use artificial turf for dogs and cats lies in the fact that you can clean it. Just pick it up and hang on a suspended line, using your garden hose to wash off any soil or residue from your K9 or feline friend.

The thicker the grass, the more often you’ll have to wash. Don’t use any harsh cleaning materials to do this; water alone (whether mineral or chlorine) should be enough to loosen up any dirty areas in the grass.


Picking the right size isn’t tricky at all. If you plan on cutting the turf once it arrives, remember to measure out everything before you buy. You don’t want to open the package and find out that the mat is way too small for any project being anticipated. And make sure to get a boxcutter if you don’t have one.

Cutting in a straight line is easy this way, but scissors will do if there isn’t one available. Be especially careful when making curve cuts. And for those that plan to install the turf in multiple locations, more than one roll might be needed.

By the way, if you think that you’ll need additional rolls, check to see if the product’s turf has a good reputation for appearing consistent in texture. Some artificial grasses are notorious for having colors that are slightly different from each individual piece, which goes into the next suggestion.

Making Sure that it Blends in with your Yard

Lots of consumers will use artificial grass for small sections of their home or yard. If your natural grass will remain but sits close to the areas where synthetic turf is going to be placed, check with the colors. For this, things can be confusing sometimes. A trick is to look at photos that other purchasers have taken of the product already.

Don’t just rely on the advertising photos, as some brands will make them appear more lush and realistic than they really are. So stick with consumer images first, then work your way over to official photos of the turf if none of the former are shown.

Preparing the Surface

You will have to prep your surface before you put down the artificial grass. You can use turf staples to hold it in place, a good accessory to have for windy locations. Clear away any weeds that you have with a good weed eater, and flatten out any imperfections in the soil that might be created by rocks or other debris.

When you have that done, unroll the grass and cut out the shape (if you need to ) that matches the opposite of the ground that you’re putting it on, like a puzzle piece. Then staple the corners and give the stems a light rake.

While you’re raking, don’t be too forceful, as you could end up tearing it or breaking off too much from the top. The key is to allow the stems to raise up. Once that’s accomplished, you shouldn’t have to rake too often again.


Do you know which artificial grass is the best for you? Out of the ten evaluated, there’s two that have benefits that anyone would like. And that’s counting region, yard size, and turf quality. The Ottomanson Evergreen Collection and Golden Moon Outdoor Turf Rug sit at the top, made from good and durable materials with solid grass consistency. Their colors will match most grass hues, and tend to age slowly.

The rest aren’t bad either, so don’t brush them off if you think there was something from the list that’s better. Overall, you’ll be happy with anything chosen from the reviews, so get ready to breathe a new life of fresh air to your yard!

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