How to Keep Bugs Out of Grow Tent

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As more people are trying their hands at at-home cannabis growing, grow tents are becoming increasingly popular. Beginners and seasoned growers alike find themselves dealing with pest infestations. Many often ask, “How to keep bugs out of grow tent for good?”.

To keep bugs out, keeping growing conditions at optimal levels is a top priority. Make sure the tent is without cracks or holes. Before introducing new plants, always quarantine them first. It’s also essential to clean growing areas between growing cycles. And lastly, change into clean clothes before working in your grow tent.

Of course, there are even more ways to keep pests and bugs out of growing tents. What we have in this guide are some of the best and easiest ways to prevent pest infestations.

Below, we will discuss in great detail how you can keep bugs and pests out of your grow tent. We’ll also go over some of the best ways you can solve an infestation if you find yourself already dealing with one.

Importance of Grow Tent Pest Control for Indoor Plants

Pests, insects, and other microorganisms can be very harmful and damaging to your cannabis plants.

The spread of these living organisms in your indoor grow tent or room can also be a major cause of the transmission of various grow room diseases.

When worst comes to worst, these not only damage your plants but might kill them as well.

When not dealt with immediately, pests will damage your plant’s growth process and ruin its quality come harvest time.

How Do Pests Enter a Grow Tent?

Pests are small and tiny living organisms that can sneak their way into your indoor grow tent at any sight of holes or cracks, no matter how small. They can also enter through air vents, windows, and drainage systems.

Another way pests can make their way into your grow room is through your clothes. Wearing the outside clothes into your indoor grow tent can also introduce pests and other insects into your grow space.

Lastly, bringing in new plants without quarantining them first can be a cause of pest infestation in your indoor grow area. Pests can be lurking in the soil or under leaves, which you may not have noticed before. And bringing them into your grow tent means bringing in the pests along with them.

The Most Common Gardening Pests

Before we head on to our favorite ways of keeping pests and bugs out of your grow tent, let’s first get to know the common grow tent pests you can encounter along your growing journey:

  • Spider mites

Spider mites are spider-like insects that live and target the underside of leaves of plants. These feed on the saps of the plants and can damage their growth. You can also tell if there’s a spider mites infestation in your grow tent if you notice protective silk webs on the plants.

  • Fungus gnats

Fungus gnats are fruit fly-sized black insects and are the most common pests to affect indoor plants. These insects can lay up to 200 eggs that would hatch into larvae. These mostly feed on plant roots, greatly affecting the growth process of the infected plant.

Fungus gnats are not harmful to humans but can be for indoor plants.

  • Aphids

Aphids are soft-bodied tiny insects that feed on the leaves of plants. These suck the sugary and nutrient-rich liquids out of the plant’s sap. These show up in a range of colors: black, green, red, yellow, brown, and gray.

  • Caterpillars

Caterpillars are the larvae of a butterfly or a moth. They damage your plants in your indoor grow room by chewing on the leaves, flowers, shoots, and other parts of the plant. If you notice big sections of your plant leaves chewed off, you’re most likely dealing with a caterpillar infestation.

  • Thrips

Thrips are a very common garden pest. They are tiny and slender insects with fringed wings. These feed on plants and damage the leaves. This can stunt your plant’s growth.

  • Whiteflies

Whiteflies are tiny moth-like insects that fly around plants and can mostly be found on the underside of the plant’s leaves. They damage and stunt your plant’s growth by sucking out the juices they need to grow. As a result, leaves can turn yellow and appear very dry.

How to Keep Bugs Out of Grow Tent

Now that we’re well-acquainted with some of the most common cannabis pests in indoor gardens, we’ll now go over the best ways to preventing pests and keeping these bugs out of your growing space:

  • Maintain proper growing conditions

Keeping your grow room in optimal temperature and humidity levels is key to keeping out pests and bugs. In a previous article here, we talk in great detail about the ideal humidity and temperature levels for growing cannabis.

  • Make sure the tent is sealed without holes or cracks

As mentioned above, pests, bugs, and insects will make their way inside through cracks and holes. After entering and leaving your grow tent, always make sure the area is closed properly.

Ensure the area is airtight by sealing and covering any holes or cracks through doors, windows, and air vents. Learn some tips for setting up a grow tent properly.

  • Quarantine new plants

Before introducing new plants into your grow tent, quarantine and keep them away from the rest of your plants first. At this time, check and watch them thoroughly, making sure the new plants have no pests or insects with them. Do this for at least a week before introducing them to your grow tent.

  • Use only good soil and clean pots

The soil you use for your plants should only come from reputable sources. Before buying new soil, inspect them thoroughly and make sure there are no pests or insects contained in them.

Additionally, the pots you will use in your grow room should be cleaned before use. Wash them with soap and water. Then, dry them properly with a clean towel. Pot the plant as soon as you’re done to minimize the risks of pests.

  • Clean grow areas between growing cycles

After growing cycles, make sure to clean and disinfect the grow areas first before planting a new batch of plants. Get rid of any dead and decaying plant  and organic matter.

  • Make sure no pets or animals get inside the grow tent

If you have pets and animals in your home, they shouldn’t be allowed to go inside your grow tent. They increase the risk of bringing ticks and fleas into your growing space.

  • Change clothes before going in and working in your grow tent

Clothes can play a big part in keeping pests and insects out of your grow tent. Before going in and working in your grow tent, change to clean clothes first, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

  • Try companion planting

Companion planting is a method of planting and growing different plants together to naturally keep pests away. It can also invite beneficial organisms as you grow your cannabis.

Some companion cannabis plants love include basil, garlic, beans, mint, marigold, and peppers.

What to Do About Bugs in Grow Tent

If you find yourself already dealing with a pest infestation, try these to deal with it:

  • Treat outbreaks and infestations immediately

Once you notice any signs of pest infestation, get into action and don’t wait any further. Immediate action will prevent the further spread of pests and bugs.

  • Introduce beneficial bugs and insects

Some bugs and pests are actually beneficial in controlling pest infestation as they are natural predators of pests and insects like aphids and mites. A ladybug is a beneficial bug you can turn to as a pesticide-free way to control pest infestations.

  • Try non-chemical solutions

Rubbing alcohol: Mix one part of rubbing alcohol with seven parts of water. Use this solution to spray on your plants and treat issues of pest infestation.

Neem oil: Neem oil is a natural insecticide. It can be in the form of a spray, concentrate, soap, or conditioner and is widely available in most garden stores. It can also fight against fungal infections like powdery mildew.

  • Use sticky traps around the grow tent

Sticky traps attract and trap flying pests and insects in your grow tent. Place them on walls or hanging on ceilings of your indoor garden to get rid even the tiniest insects


Having your own cannabis grow tent is convenient. The thing is beginners, and even seasoned growers, have to deal with certain issues like pests, insects, and bugs. Many often wonder and ask how to keep bugs out of growing tents.

To keep bugs, insects, and pests out of your grow tent, ensuring proper growing conditions is a top priority. This also means sealing any holes or cracks. Quarantine new plants before introducing them into your grow tent. Clean your grow area before planting a new batch of plants, and that includes pots. And lastly, change into clean clothes before entering and working in your grow tent.

And that was our detailed guide on how to keep bugs out of your grow tent. Reach out to us below for any more of your queries!

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