Bug Zapper Racket Review

Bug zapper racket

Not only do bug zapper rackets help get rid of insects and mosquitoes that threaten your peace, but they are also safe to use. They give some sort of pop sound and a flash of light thereby giving a feeling of satisfaction and instant gratification as you swat the bat and catch the insects in the electric wires.

Now there are numerous bug rackets available on the market. However, while many of these products can last for a long time, some others are not so durable, hence it is important to go for a product of quality standard.

In this bug zapper racket review, we will take a close look at the ZAP IT Bug Zapper, a product that really works and is fun to use too!

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Zapper Racket

You should consider some factors before picking up any bug zapper racket, as this will prevent you from getting a piece of junk. Some of the factors to consider include:

The Mesh Guard Layers: Most zapper rackets feature layers of protective mesh or are made without one. There are advantages as well as disadvantages for both methods as the presence of mesh or lack of it affects the grid size of the racket.

If a racket is without mesh, it means the insects have direct access to the electric wires. In the case of unprotected mesh, there are more spaces between the electrical wires, hence insects are capable of flying without being harmed. Most rackets often have three layers of the screen with two of the mesh layers sandwiched between the inner layers of the electric wires.

Head Size: Different zappers have different lengths and head sizes such as large, medium and small. Before choosing a racket of your choice, you should consider some factors such as your body size (if you are petite, then a small racket is more suitable), if you prefer to swing your racket wide (for this, it is advisable to go for a larger racket head).

However, note that bigger rackets are heavier than smaller ones; hence it may be difficult to swat big flies.

Battery Type: When buying a bug zapper racket, you have the choice of selecting one that uses a rechargeable battery using a USB adapter or one with an alkaline battery. A zapper racket with a rechargeable battery will take a longer time to charge than alkaline batteries but they are more convenient for times when you can’t get a battery.

Product Description

With the innovative ZAP-IT Bug Zapper, you can get rid of bugs, insects, and mosquitoes instantly. This insect catcher is easy and convenient to use as it has a unique tennis racket design as well as the electrical surface. With its large surface area, catching insects, bugs and flies midflight is easier and fun too. It’s perfectly suitable for use at night, a time when bugs are known to be on the prowl.

It features a USB charging outlet. This means you can charge your flycatcher at your convenience. It is available in mini, medium and large sizes.

Features of Bug Zapper Racket

There are many bug zapper rackets on the market with similar features. However, there is still a bit of difference between one product and another and this may be seen in the packaging, size, efficiency or accessories. The following are the features of ZAP IT Bug Zapper.

  • Instant Bug Killer: With just a single swing of this product, you can kill all the bugs, flies and insects in its path as it produces a whopping 4,000-volt grid, enough to kill every flying insect.
  • Super-Fast Charging: Although it doesn’t use an alkaline battery, it’s probably for the best as it features a USB port that can be plugged into any USB device to charge it until its full and does so efficiently and quickly, too. It can also be charged at your convenience and at any location. For instance, you can charge it with your car charger, at home, in your backyard or anywhere else.
  • Bright LEDs: With this product, insects, bugs, and flies don’t just die during the day. They can also be killed at night as it’s a 24-hour fly, mosquito and bug killer. Its super bright LED lights provide enough illumination for you to see even during the pitch dark of night.
  • User-Friendly: ZAP IT Bug Zapper features an activation button that when pressed gives off a light glow. If during its use, you or anyone else should touch it, you are completely safeguarded and protected by its electrified, triple-layer mesh system.
  • Warranty: If after purchase you encounter an issue with the product or are dissatisfied, you can always replace it as it offers a 100% lifetime warranty.
  • Two-In One: ZAP IT Bug Zapper comes as a twin product which means that for every package delivered, there are two of ZAP IT Bug Zapper in it.
  • Fun Use: This product allows you to play around even when it’s in use. The popping sound as it kills its prey leaves some sort of deep satisfaction on one’s mind. It can also be used to practice those tennis swings you have been hoping to be good at.
  • There are two bug zapper racket in one package
  • It features a lifetime warranty
  • It charges super-fast
  • It is safe to touch
  • It produces a distracting sound
  • It has to be used manually


During the hot summer nights, all we want to do is sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh breeze while basking in the beauty of nature. But sometimes bugs, flies, and mosquitoes won’t let you do so. What do you do when that happens? I bet you either give up and go indoors or spend all your time swatting and chasing after the annoying insects.

However, this can come to an end as a bug zapper racket takes the hassle off your hands, allowing you to enjoy time outdoors or indoor if you wish without having to worry about bugs, flies or mosquitoes.

Check the latest price for the Zap-it bug zapper racket on Amazon.

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